Safe, reliable and reusable, The Arctic Skull Cooling Town job-site proven, and treated to help you stay cool in the unyielding heat of summer ... it's anti-nicrobial design helps prevent mold build-up and unwanted smells; Beat the heat with the Arctic Skull! It lasts up to 5 hours depending on the humidity in the area.

Arctic Skull Cooling Towels

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  • Radians Arctic Radwear® Cooling Towels are made with Advanced ARCTIC™ Technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process.  Just soak the towel in water for 2 – 3 minutes and then experience cooling relief for up to 5 hours.  The Arctic Radwear® Cooling Towel is designed to keep you cool during hot outdoor activities, such as construction work, tough workouts, or any strenuous outdoor or indoor activity.

  • Golf Club at Eagle Pointe
  • Golf Club at Eagle Pointe
  • Golf Club at Eagle Pointe

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