Did we have fun last night?!  I think WE did...a wonderful lesson on golf basics from Pro Mark Litz...followed by delicious food and drink from the EP kitchen...on a perfect early fall evening!

Thank you, again, Mark for sharing your knowledge with us!

Our dinner of salad, pizza, bread sticks and libations (hosted by LL) was most enjoyable!  Adding to the fun, Pegg had compiled "stats of interest" in a handout that included number of weeks of play (17), top $ winners, number of members who  played (41 of our 47 members), number of actual rounds played (290), amount of prize money awarded ($658.60)...ladies with the most wins and chip-ins ($57.50 in quarters), and who won the A/B and C/D skins!  There was no "hole-in-one"...and "competition" for that "pot" continues as long as you are playing golf this fall with another LL member at Eagle Pointe. 

Pegg thanked both Mark and assistant pro Craig Smith for their kindness and service to Ladies League this season and presented each with a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  We also gave a round of applause to Bret and the wait staff for their fine service!

Another evening highlight was a small gift to each lady...a round leather bag tag, with Eagle Pointe Golf Resort Ladies League inscribed around the EP eagle. Ladies who weren't able to attend will receive their gift and a copy of the "stats" we see you throughout the fall and winter.  Pegg also announced dates for the Christmas party (December 4 at the home of Barb Brunner) and the Winter Diversions (lunch or dinner at the club on January 22, February 19, March 19)...with more information to come.

As a last point of "business" and per the by-laws, nominations were opened, from the floor, for next year's leadership team. The current team was nominated, with a second, and elected unanimously.  Pegg, Melva and Jan were thanked for their leadership...and all accepted the nomination...just "for one more year"!

Happy Fall to all...and we will stay in touch with you,

Your Leadership Team
Pegg, Melva and Jan

Any woman interested in playing is most welcome to join the league.  Please contact Pegg McCrary (, Melva Cooper ( or Jan Miller ( 


…..and WHAT a memorable Tee Up Against Cancer golf outing it was!!

  Cu do’s is my new favorite word!  It defines the results of months and months of hard work on the part of SO MANY ladies of the Eagle Pointe Community on behalf of the GIRLFRIEND CANCER FUND


  If you were unable to participate in the outing this year and or be part of the hustle and bustle of Wednesday morning preparations, you missed a picturesque sight!  Banner flying – and - from the moment a golfer arrived – greeted warmly by our own Virginia Henderson and her band of “helpers” (yes, some of those guys donned pink shirts for us too – thanks Mike!) – to the very organized registration process – to the hospitality table – to the table promoting the Grand Raffles and $ raffles – to the photo station – and finally, to the perfectly aligned golf carts with the eye-catching pink hospitality bags loaded with goodies!  It was a pleasing sight indeed!  Close to 80 golfers – and too bad there was not a “best dressed” award……I can think of 4 gals that might have won that one……and about 57 others that could have given them a run for the honor!

  Once the teams were loaded – Mark Litz, Eagle Pointe Golf Pro, - in his classy pink shirt too – extended greetings and final instructions and the tournament was underway.  Craig was ready on hole #2 to be our long-ball hitter – thanks Craig!  All went well for about 9 holes – and then – the clouds formed, the thunder rolled, the lightening flashed…..the horn blew….and the downpour began.  First rainout in 15 years!  The next visual would be… many golf carts, umbrellas, and ladies can fit under the canopy?  More than you can imagine!  Thank goodness for Dr. Siwy who generously supplied the beverage cart as it made it into that mix as well!  By the way, Andy and Mike did a terrific job on the drink cart – thanks guys! 

  Rain is my least favorite word.  It defines how to interrupt and disrupt a perfectly wonderful day!  However, through the generosity of all the participants, it was decided to call the tournament because of the continuing weather and donate all monetary awards to the Olcott Center.  An extraordinary consideration from women who understand the significance of what the event represented.  Cu do’s to our kind guests and members for their generosity!

  The term “alternate plan” is an old term used to sometimes save the day.  Cu do’s to Jake and Bret for the “alternate plan” of revising the dinner hour in order to finish our day and evening events.

  A break in the rain allowed everyone to regroup at the beautifully decorated Eagle’s Nest for an early dinner and the $ raffles and Grand Raffle drawings and the silent auction.  Impressively, the generosity continued in the form of many bidding kindnesses for the silent auction – great prizes and presentation Sandy and crew!  Grand Raffle winners included some of our Ladies League members – Judy Goen won the Short-Stop BBQ Train dinner for up to 40; Jan Miller won the Vista Salon and Day Spa; and, Darlena Lindsay won the $600 toward a 2014 Eagle Pointe Golf membership – congratulations ladies!!

  Thanks to all who assisted in the day, League members, Pro Shop staff, grounds crew, dining/bar staff – and despite the rains – it was fun and happy – and successful!  Thanks to everyone!

  We have attached some photos of the day – thanks to Jake – for your enjoyment!  Check out picture #6…..and tell me if Virginia wasn’t having a good time!   Perhaps a re-cap of all events will follow   – and we look forward to announcement of the final tally.


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