Good Morning Ladies!
Well May was a good month for us, no rain outs.
Again our uniqueness made itself evident, with a 3 way tie.  Craig was able to look at the handicap holes and determined 1st place winners were-Norma Holland, Siobhan Hanna, Clara Henderson and Virginia Henderson, with a score of 41. Congratulations!!
We also had 3 chip ins (my but we are good!) Pegg McCrary, Caroline Howenstine and Siobhan Hanna. Great job.
My unofficial count for our membership, for 2015, is 45.  Wow, are we growing.
We discussed the ladies league facebook page. Siobhan has set up a page for us to use. If you are interested in joining other friends, go to search and enter Eagle Point Ladies League, than "like" us.
You will be able to use this to make an announcements, offer sale items you might have, and any other messages, to those that participate. Siobhan has placed the Tee up for Cancer registration form, and has set up a Tuesday reminder, to call the Pro Shop.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact Siobhan, she will gladly help you out.
I will still send the Sunday reminder (or Monday Emoji) reminder in case, you are not on facebook.
Have a great week. Stay safe and we'll see you next week
Jan, Jeanette and Billie


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