Good End-of-the-Season, Ladies,

What a grand time we had last night, as our spirited ladies spent an hour and a half on the course (playing 6 holes for fun)...and another hour and a half, eating salad and pizza, drinking wine and talking non-stop in Upper Talons.  The energy level must have reached 10 on the Richter Scale, with so many stories, so much laughter and shared kindness among the 30 attending. 

As spokeswoman for the 2014 Leadership Team, Pegg McCrary gained attention of the assembled toward the end of the meal (and before the dessert course of piping hot apple cobbler with whipped cream) and discussed a number of items of business.  She thanked Head Pro Craig Smith for his many contributions to making a successful season and presented him with a card and $50 gift from the League; she also thanked Assistant General Manager Bret Ashley and General Manager Jacob King for all they have done (wonderful food and exceptional service) to make our after-golf dining experiences so enjoyable!

Pegg reported briefly on the meeting between Eagle Pointe members of the Tee Up Against Cancer Committee and Wanda Katinszky, executive director of cancer services at I.U. Health, regarding the future of the annual golf outing.  Mrs. Katinszky plans to meet with staff of the Olcott Center and I. U. Health Foundation to discuss going forward with a golf outing, perhaps at another venue, or planning an alternative fundraising event specifically to support the Girlfriend Fund.  Some discussion followed, with the ladies applauding Eagle Pointe's efforts in contributing over $250,000 to the Girlfriend Fund since inception of the outing in 1998.  The annual Bridge Party will continue in support of the fund.

On the tables, each member found at her place, an "Eagle Pointe Ladies League" cotton/nylon, zippered "valuables" bag as a gift, with a printed end-of-the-year report inserted.  Pegg reviewed the stats, congratulating "top prize winners"--Jennifer Humes, Laura Charles, Fran Bond, Darlena Lindsay and herself.  She said  49 of our 59 members played at least one game--and 45 of those players won prize money this season, totaling $965.14.  There were also 13 chip-ins, totaling $54.  The League played 14 evenings, and on average, 23 ladies played each time (with a high of 29 in May and low of 14 on a September evening with threatening storms).  She thanked the ladies of Front Nine, Greenridge, Fairway Knoll and Harbor Pointe for hosting three great Pitch-Ins and congratulated "Skins" winners, based on scores from May to September:  A/B Group: Chris Savoldi/9; Rita Ramey/2 and Jennifer Humes/1; C/D Group: Darlena Lindsay/8.  She thanked Janis Sutton for her assistance in having the League bags produced; additional bags (photo attached) are available to purchase for $5 from the Leadership Team.  Members who were not able to attend last night will be receiving a bag from one of us, as we are able to deliver.

There were no "Hole-in-Won" winners this season, and the "pot" has grown to over $600 (with entrance of a $5 fee for new joiners and $1 for past contributors annually).  With that much in the kitty, the Leadership Team proposed that $300 be given to the Smithville Pantry to host their annual Children's Christmas Party. The ladies enthusiastically supported the idea! The money will be given to Darlena Lindsay, who has acted as the League liaison with Smithville Pantry.  Darlena was most grateful for the gift, saying the Pantry had questioned whether they could have a party this year for lack of funds.   

And speaking of Christmas, Pegg said Barb Brunner has once again offered her beautiful home for the Christmas Party. The date is Wednesday, December 10, with details and invitation to come.  Pegg suggested that we have another Soup Supper (with consensus of the group) and that the gift exchange be "a set of placemats and a package of whimsical...quirky...unusual...imaginative...creative...amusing...or off-the-wall cocktail napkins"!  Each lady might also consider bringing her own soup mug (from last year's exchange) cut down on dishwashing for Barb!  More details on all will be forthcoming.

On behalf of the Leadership Team of Melva Cooper (treasurer), Jan Miller (communications), and herself, she thanked the ladies for the opportunity to serve and for all of their support throughout the season.  Jennifer Humes and Virginia Henderson  expressed their gratitude to the team for their wonderful leadership the past two years, and the ladies responded with a standing ovation.  (Pegg, Melva and Jan were humbled by such gratitude and sincerely thankful to all for your participation and enthusiasm.)

Lastly, Pegg introduced the three ladies who have come forward to lead the League in 2015:  Jeanette Gaines, Billie Moore and Jan Schippnick.  The ladies applauded the new team!  We are certain they will receive the ongoing support of our grand Eagle Pointe Ladies League.

With that, we bid you adieu (for now).  Be looking for further information on the Christmas Party...and we'll look for you on the course, as there will be many fall afternoons to be out playing golf--organized or not!

See you soon,

Your 2014 Leadership Team,
Pegg, Melva and Jan


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